Major Activites

The WBFDCL arranges for harvesting of Timber and Firewood from the forests in North Bengal as well as South Bengal on agency basis for the Forest Directorate and disposes of the same through auctions and tenders. The harvesting is done strictly according to the working plans approved by the Central Government. The revenue is deposited with the Forest Directorate. Part of the revenue is shared with the members of the Joint Forest Management Committee (JFMC) in accordance with the directives of the State Government. The WBFDCL has also been undertaking harvesting and marketing of timber occasionally on behalf of various institutions and agencies like National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), State PWD, NHPC, etc.

The WBFDCL is running 5 (five) Joinery and Carpentry Units at Madarihat, Siliguri, Raiganj, Saltlake and Durgapur. WBFDCL generally supplies furniture to all State Government Departments, Corporations and to various Government Institutions. The WBFDCL is planning to set up some more Joinery and Carpentry Units in other parts of the State.

The Board of Directors has approved a 10-year Project (2010-11 to 2019-20) worth Rs.6.57 Cr for raising high quality Eucalyptus and other Pulpwood species by replacing the over-mature cashew plantations. The WBFDCL has so far raised Clonal plantations over 184 ha in South-West Bengal. In view of the shortage of planting material, the Corporation has initiated steps to set up a high-tech Clonal Nursery in Paschim Medinipur District. After the completion of the project the proposed to be handed over to Forest Directorate for future Management as per approved working plan.

THE NTFP produce collected from the different division of the Forest Directorate are collected and after value addition are marketed under the brand name Banajar. The NFTP products like Citronella and Turmeric are grown in the forestry plantations as inter-crops with help of JFMCs which are also collected and produced for marketing.

The WBFDCL procures honey from the JFMC members of the Sundarbans and markets it after refinement under the brand name of MOUBAN.

WBFDC-Present Status of Eco Resorts:

  1. WBFDCL runs ecotourism centres in 19 Locations:
  2. North Bengal-13, South Bengal-6 (Total 167 Rooms, Capacity: 400 beds appx).
  3. Darjeeling District: Lepchajagat,
  4. Kalimpong Distt: Kalimpong, Lava, Lolegaon, Mongpong,, Samsing, Suntaleykhola, Jaldhaka, Paren;
  5. Jalpaiguri District: Murti,
  6. Alipurduar Distt: Barodabri (Malangi), Rajabhatkhawa (closed due to NGT order).
  7. Coochbehar District : Rasikbil.
  8. Purulia District : Garhpanchkot;
  9. Bankura District : Mukatmonipur
  10. Jhargram Distt: Jhargram, Lodhasuli
  11. Purba Medinipur: Tajpur
  12. Howrah: Garchumuk

Road ahead for WBFDC:

  1. Forest Directorate Ecotourism Locations can be booked from WBFDC Portal.
  2. Locations which can be incorporated in WBFDC booking portal from February 1st 2019.
  3. Locations which can be incorporated in WBFDC booking portal later in 2019.
  4. Northern and Southern Circuit Development which will include the local important places in the circuit.

Online Booking Process-WBFDC:

  1. Booking open 90 days prior to actual date of stay.
  2. Open to all interested guests from WBFDC booking portal
  3. Opening booking counters at WBFDC HQ and Divisional Offices.
  4. Help desk at WBFDC HQ.

Ecotourism Centres which can be incorporated in WBFDC booking Portal After Renovation:

Sl no. Division Ecotourism Centre
1. Panchet Chenchuria
2. Bankura North Biharinath
3. Midnapore Gopegarh
4. Nadia Murshidabad Beduinn
5. Mayuri ETC
6. Darjeeling Division Manebhanjan T Hut
7. Raiganj Division Ayera M House
8. Gorumara Wild Life Mouchaki ETC
9. Buxa Tiger Reserve Damanpur
10. 24 Prg North Parmadan TL