Pokhriatar Homestays

Location :

In Kurseong hills approachable by road from Siliguri / Darjeeling, 10 Homestays in the picturesque Pokhriatar Banachhaya (Forest Village).

For Booking Contact :

Name of Pokhriatar Homestay Homestay Owner Mobile No. Homestay Rent/Day
Tamang Homestay Sukmit Tamang 9734441168 Rs.1000
Souming Homestay Cheki Tamang 8900610524 Rs.1000
Moktan Homestay Phurba Tamang 9679895611 Rs.1000
Maphem Homestay Dawa Cheki Lama 9547849009 Rs.1000
Yangchen Homestay Dawa Sherpa 7477557808 Rs.1000
D.L.P.S Homestay Dorjee Sherpa 9851240763 Rs.1000
Syangden Homestay Kaji Tamang 7557811109 Rs.1000
Sanjana Homestay Passang Tamang 9593606515 Rs.1000
Khaphal Homestay Lakpa Sangden 9733028516 Rs.1000
Tigress Homestay Lila Gurung 9663530146 Rs.1000